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engineered by Orcomm

We pride ourselves on developing unique and forward-thinking solutions.

Utilising modern technologies captured in a simple user-friendly interface, we are able to offer off-the-shelf as well as bespoke solutions, to enhance your offerings on current and future developments.

Why Orcomm?

Cost effective. Innovative thinking. Intelligent solutions.

  • Residential Apartments
  • Commercial Properties
  • Electronic Security
  • Access Control
  • HVAC integration
  • Shading Integration
  • Climate control integration
  • Local Weather updates
  • London transport & news
  • RSS feeds
  • Door Entry
  • Intercom
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Residential Portal hub
  • Residential news and updates
  • Smart Concierge System
  • Electronic Security


Lighting Control

Without complicated wiring, programming or large space requirements, the lighting control package utilises wire-free technology to bring control and customisation in a simply installed and user-friendly solution.


Whether your using hydraulic, electric underfloor heating, or district systems we are able to offer control and integration between manifolds and wiring centres into the smart system.

Blind Control

Whether using conventional AC/DC hardwired motors or wireless kinetically-assisted motors, the user has the same look and feel to their interaction.


Keeping your development connected, the solution can be location agnostic, enabling a single block or a multi-site system to communicate within a secure IP network. This ensures the delivery of a multi-service communication platform.

Community Portal

Our smart screen is designed to connect residents with up-to-date information through a portal. The solution is engineered to allow communication 24/7 from the development management team, local businesses and events.


Using the latest Access Control technology we allow you to secure your building, with the means of fob or card proximity entrances, and advanced exiting devices. Our intelligent IP controllers can work standalone or via our open- platform software package.